Towards manuscripts

Transformation Abstraction of colour and language Dictionary definition of DICHOTOMY a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities <the dichotomy between theory and practice>; also : the process or practice of making such a division <dichotomy of the population into two opposed classes> The Pros and Cons of Dichotomies ( Transformation Transform makes me immediately think of the Hegelian and Marxist dialectic, the capacity… Continue reading Towards manuscripts

Boris Groys The total art of Stalinism

I have this little book in my hands. Having spent years on the Trotskyist left, we saw no victory to socialism in Russia rather we saw a defeat of the revolution by the failure of the socialist revolution to spread after 1923, and Stalinism a reversal to capitalism, to state capitalism where the bureaucracy were… Continue reading Boris Groys The total art of Stalinism

More references from Bernhard- Tania Kovacs and Julien Schnabel

Tania Kovacs Born in 1966, Tania Kovats is an artist concerned with the experience and understanding of landscape. After completing an MA at the Royal College of Art in 1990, she has exhibited her work internationally and in the UK. Her work is present in many major collections as well existing as significant permanent public… Continue reading More references from Bernhard- Tania Kovacs and Julien Schnabel

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Conversation with Bernhard continued …

Ilya Kabakov School No. 6, 1993 Ilya Kabakov created School No.6 in 1993 as a gift to the Chinati Foundation. The work occupies an entire building that is subdivided into rooms reminiscent of an abandoned schoolhouse from the former Soviet Union. The spaces are filled with faded posters, flags, and emblems; everything is broken, boarded-up, and neglected.… Continue reading Conversation with Bernhard continued …

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Bernard’s suggestions and references

The stage of drawing: gesture and act : selected from the Tate Collection M. Catherine de Zegher, Avis Newman, Drawing Center (New York, N.Y.) The Stage of Drawing presents remarkable works on paper selected by the artist Avis Newman from the prestigious collection of Tate, London. Including both well-known and less familiar drawings from the mid-1700s to the… Continue reading Bernard’s suggestions and references

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Thoughts from a Norbert’s tute

Post studio art As it happens, the official announcement of the Post–Studio concept occurred in 1970, when the educational program at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) was overhauled by then-dean Paul Brach, his assistant Allan Kaprow, and faculty member John Baldessari. “I was actually hired as a painter,” recalls Baldessari in Richard Hertz’s oral history Jack Goldstein… Continue reading Thoughts from a Norbert’s tute

Lily Van der Stokker on beauty and ugliness, the fine line…and Isa Genzken too

Lily Van der Stokker on beauty and ugliness, the fine line “I adore pitiful little things that make you want to cry and hold somebody. There is a work from 1992 that I sold several times. It has the text: “Poor (old) abstract art.” I love saying “Poor baby!”, or “Poor Vincent van Gogh”. One… Continue reading Lily Van der Stokker on beauty and ugliness, the fine line…and Isa Genzken too

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Lily Van der Stokker

pay that bill !
pay that bill ! (Photo credit: medialoog)
Description unavailable
Description unavailable (Photo credit: photosan0)
Kalm nou maar...
Kalm nou maar… (Photo credit: Fabio Bruna)

Lily Van der Stokker

Lily is an artist recommended to me by one of the lecturers in my course

I like her combination of colour and words which fits easily with my intentions.

I have booked the long wall to implement a work inspired by her.

  • Frieze Art Fair: 2013 prowl-through (
  •  She embodies decoration and what appears to be simple  art but deals with a lot of complex real issues, rent, money…ugliness
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Research towards my project: MCA its an art world and its still a contest of ideas

Another protest and festival of celebration is on our screens in my social media. How will they take it forward? How does my art meld with these questions, when I started with, “colour and it’s absence” posing multiple questions of chroma phobia, (my work tends to be festively colourful matching my optimism of the will… Continue reading Research towards my project: MCA its an art world and its still a contest of ideas

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