Day 26

Today we leave the old dart for more exotic places in North Africa. But, first we have to navigate London transport to Gatwick airport while London transport in mild state of crisis. Breaky with relies and then bus and train to airport. More duty free rubbish available then BA Bus to Marrakech. I perform the wonderful feat of losing my glasses somewhere in London.  We arrive in Marrakech about 5.00pm and the sun is still up so we get to see the countryside and the general aesthetic from airport to our riad inside the Medina ( the walled city part where most interesting action takes place). Our Riad Catalina is down a quite alley very close to the main square, Jemaa el- fnaa where you can be hawkered for anything that is possible to extract money from you. Our Riad is classic courtyard oasis with lists of beautiful tiling, sumptuous lounges , fountain and orange trees. It is New Year’s Eve and the square is packed with thousands of people watching snake charmers, monkey handlers, musicians and dancing. We do a turn of the square and retire to the courtyard for dinner which is multiple courses with couscous prominent. We go to be full as a boot. Hope everyone else had a happy new year.

thoughts on London:

best bit was hanging with Tom, Emma, Elliot and Frieda. We would have swapped a carpet for the kids but no deal. Love you guys.

there is far too much dark brown brick in London  And London terraces are too pokey except of course if you  are snob Chelsea types.

Buckingham palace will make a great squat or commune.

V&A is best museum.

the weather was classic cold and wet.

contemporary English architecture continues to be far too high tech dull. Get some colour happening.

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By melanielazarowartist

At the moment I’m painting in a new constructivism still seeing the world in process and in change with no determined outcome. I am painting about and in the night Email me

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