Artists are increasingly working with small communities, and exploring the complex histories of visual traditions that are formed in these places. However, while they are often very protective and committed to these places they are also deeply aware of their links to global debates and part of transnational dialogues on the meaning of their practice and its relevance to others. In this process the old hierarchies that elevated the place of the artist to be situated either above or beyond the everyday have fallen away. Artists now place themselves in the midst of the traffic of everyday life. They can no longer afford to isolate themselves or presume that they are ahead of the changes that are occurring in the world. Their art is formed in the process of working with others and within the institutions of everyday life.


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By melanielazarowartist

At the moment I’m painting in a new constructivism still seeing the world in process and in change with no determined outcome. I am painting about and in the night Email me mjl@fastmail.com.

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