That’s not funny she said to her history

She turned 60. 26 years since Soweto day, when she was arrested as part of the University contingent, and gave up social work for life cause it was a band aid, and turned to revolution (for life). .and with the black consciousness movement’s call for whites to keep out of the struggle she left South Africa for good, with a criminal record for “occupying a public space” minor, but a hassle for passports.IMG_2885She came to Australia, to meet a friend, he left, she found and sought socialists, and found that Palestinians were oppressed, so for a second time she broke with a part of her Jewish background by condemning Zionism as out of line with humanism.  Then she spent years helping others find facts, assimilate their information as a University senior librarian. many a time their facts were skewed, their projects flawed but she acted as a neutral professional. Crap. Her parents were terrified by the holocaust. Many more years since Sharpeville. So she is just committed to see and find something through art, but never abandoning politics, what it is we can do, express, make, change, revolt.

Antoinette Sithole and Mbuyisa Makhubo carryin...
Antoinette Sithole and Mbuyisa Makhubo carrying and 12-year-old Hector Pieterson moments after he was shot by South African police during a peaceful student demonstration in Soweto, South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Orlando Power Station Cooling Towers,...
English: Orlando Power Station Cooling Towers, Soweto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Soweto, South Africa
Soweto, South Africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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By melanielazarowartist

At the moment I’m painting in a new constructivism still seeing the world in process and in change with no determined outcome. I am painting about and in the night Email me

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