More references from Bernhard- Tania Kovacs and Julien Schnabel

Tania Kovats' TREE
Tania Kovats’ TREE (Photo credit: Diorama Sky)

Tania Kovacs

Born in 1966, Tania Kovats is an artist concerned with the experience and understanding of landscape. After completing an MA at the Royal College of Art in 1990, she has exhibited her work internationally and in the UK. Her work is present in many major collections as well existing as significant permanent public commissions. Primarily a sculptor, in recent years Kovats’ work has responded to what she describes as ‘geologically explicit landscapes’ where the process of gradual transformations like erosion, compression and subsistence are evident. Travel is often central to her work, from Meadow (2007) – the transportation of a complete wildflower meadow by canal boat from Bath to London – to her 2008 journey around South America, exploring the landscape where Darwin first began to develop his evolutionary ideas. She lives and works in London.


‘My main area of interest as an artist is with landscape. The landscapes that interest me the most are geolocially explicit landscapes where you can clearly read the narrative of formation or erosion. This leads me to be working with landscapes that are often remote – cliff edges, deserts, odd geological incidents. I am primarily a sculptor but drawing is increasingly important to how my work materialises. The way our experience of landscape is culturally mediated is of central concern to me. Much of my thinking over the last few years has meant I have looked to geology to help read landscape to further understand how landscapes are made outside of what we effect upon them. No landform exists forever but only within a particular time span in the earth’s history. I see landscape as a series of incidents coming into being.’

Julien Schnabel

He is considered as one of the youngest contemporary artists in U.S. and Europe. His works have also been collected by almost all the major museums in the world. He is also associated with some of the most prestigious galleries in Europe and U.S, with his works collected by some of the most important collectors too. If you ask the art world to name the top 5 or 10 young artists in west, he is on the top of the list. But he is not just a painter or artist; he has just won the best director in the 60th International Cannes Film Festival for his French movie “Diving Bell And Butterfly.” He is Julian Schnabel.

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