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The Studio by Marie Bashkirtseff (1881). Marie...
The Studio by Marie Bashkirtseff (1881). Marie Bashkirtseff is the figure in black in lower right corner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Post studio art

As it happens, the official announcement of the PostStudio concept occurred in 1970, when the educational program at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) was overhauled by then-dean Paul Brach, his assistant Allan Kaprow, and faculty member John Baldessari. “I was actually hired as a painter,” recalls Baldessari in Richard Hertz’s oral history Jack Goldstein and the CalArts Mafia, “but I hadn’t painted for a couple years; in 1968 I had burned all my paintings. I said I would teach painting but that I wasn’t overly interested in it. Paul asked, What do you want to teach? I said I want to teach students who don’t paint or do sculpture or any other activity done by hand. I didn’t want to call it ‘Conceptual Art’ so I called it ‘PostStudio Art.'”[3]

John Baldessari is an American artist. He was born in 1931 in the state of California. He is interested in making art out of things that are not considered or seen as art. Moral obligation is what he believes stopped him from pursuing art at an earlier time. He had seen art as something that was not considered helpful in providing something to…

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At the moment I’m painting in a new constructivism still seeing the world in process and in change with no determined outcome. I am painting about and in the night Email me

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